Science Fair

The biggest activity of Science Communication is Science Fair. In Tripura, Science Fair is organized at 3 levels, viz; Sub-division, District and State Level. Every year, State Level Science Fair organized during last part of December to first part of January for 5 to 6 days. Before the State Level, Sub-division & District Level Science Fair are organized at all the sub-divisions and districts respectively.

School Students with their model/exhibits can participate in the Sub-division, District and State Level Science Fair and Students of Institutes of Higher & Technical Education can participate in the State Level directly. Every year, the best 11 models /exhibits of the school students of State Level Science Fair can participate in the Regional Level Science Fair at Kolkata.

In the State Level Science Fair, apart from model/exhibits of the students several other components are also there:

                  ● Exhibits of S & T related departments / organizations of the State Government.

                  ● Exhibits of National / Regional Research Laboratories and S & T related organizations of the Central Government.

                  ● Exhibits of the Voluntary Organizations.

                  ● Quiz Competition / Debate.

                  ● Discussion / Seminar on current topics related to Science, Technology & Environment.

                  ● Display of Scientific Movies.

                  ● Popular Science Lectures by Eminent Scientists.

                  ● Explaining Science behind Miracles.

                  ● Children Science Activities Corner.

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