R & D activities are taken up on project mode with Govt. of India support mainly from DST & DBT, which have proper peer review mechanism of sanctioning as well as evaluation. In preparatory phase particularly for projectisation and for data generation for projectisation and /or development of partnership / collaboration fund of State Plan is being used.

For identification of the problems for R & D exercises, the Council usually consults the Line Departments especially with their field level officers / working scientists and taken up in collaboration with subject experts of Higher & Technical Institutes of the State.



  1. To motivate and encourage researchers / scientists of Tripura to take R & D exercise in the field of   Science,   Technology & Environment for socio-economic development of the State in terms of increased production, judicious and optimum uses of resources and / or to solve the problems, if any.
  2. To identify and fill up gap areas in laboratory / infrastructure /manpower required for research, study, survey to meet State’s requirement.
  3. To support and network and /or develop linkages/ partnership/collaboration among Resource Institutes / Academic Institutes / National Laboratories / Regional Laboratories in required field for R & D.



  1. Brick manufacturing with tilla soil.
  2. Nutrition Constituents in common Leafy Vegetables.
  3. Malaria Assessment.
  4. Reproductive performance and larval rearing of Pabda.
  5. Efficacy of Bio-fertilizers and Vermicompost.
  6. Rural Enterprise Model - fermentation of Hilsa and Shidal.
  7. Aquaculture - Research & Training Centre.
  8. Genetic Improvement of Fish.


1. Brick manufacturing with tilla soil:

The demand of bricks in the State of Tripura is about 170 crores per year. The demand is surely going to be increased considerably due to increased developmental and economic activity in private as well as governmental sectors. The present demand is met by internal production of about 110 crores of bricks per year and by importing the rest. The internal production has put high stress on the limited agricultural land (lunga soil) available in Tripura. Thus the idea to utilize tilla/tide soil of Tripura in brick manufacturing is thought of so that consumption of scarcity available agricultural /lunga soil in brick making is reduced. Thus in this backdrop, the Tripura State Council for Science & Technology in collaboration with North East Institute of Science & Technology, Jorahat and National Institute of Technology, Agartala have submitted a R & D project proposal on ‘Planned Development of Protocols for utilization of tilla land after analysis of Geo-consequesces to DST, Govt. of India.


2. Nutritional constituents in un-common leafy vegetable:

A research project to determine the nutritional constituents viz., carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in leaves of certain uncommon/wild leafy vegetable plants of Tripura and generally used by the Tribal people of the State has been taken up and being implemented through Tripura University.


3. Malaria Assessment:

Field survey towards assessment of malaria incidences has been conducted at Chowmanu and Hrishyamikh in collaboration with DRL (Defence Research Laboratory), Tezpur.

The study was carried out in two phases. The first phase included identification of principal vectors responsible for malaria burden, malaria parasite prevalent in the population, drug sensitivity to commonly used anti-malarial drug chloroquine and possible methods to control the malaria vectors.

In the second phase of study, the focus was given to the management aspects of malaria in which, the vector control measures like indoor residual spray (IRS) and the insecticide treated nets (ITNs) were the main concern.


4. Reproductive performance and larvel rearing of Pabda:

A research project on Improvement of reproductive performance and larvel rearing of an endangered fish species of North-East Ompak bimaculatus (Pabda) through nutritional approaches got sanction of DST, Govt. of India . The Pabda hatchery will be devloped by Department of Fishery, Govt. of Tripura and the R&D aspects will be looked after by Tripura University.



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