School Science Club

Guidelines For Nucleation / Rejuvenation of School Science Club Activities In Tripura

1. Background :

It has been decided that School Science Clubs will be started in each all of the High & Higher Secondary Schools of Tripura (covering all government, government aided and private schools.

2. Objectives of the Proposed Science Club:

  • To promote inquisitiveness among the school students and inculcate Scientific temper among them.
  • To trigger interest among the students in Science.
  • To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society.

3. Organizational Structure :

The organizational structure of School Science Clubs be as follows-

  • President: Head Master / Head Mistress.
  • Coordinator: One Teacher nominated by Head Master / Head Mistress preferably having  Science  background.
  • Secretary: One Student from the concerned school.
  • Joint Secretary: One Student from the concerned school.
  • Members : Students from the concerned school.

4. Proposed Activities :

To start with Science Clubs may think of following activities –

  • Quiz / Debate on Science/Mathematics [On every 2nd Saturday or a fixed date in a month (8 times a year) as per convenience of concerned school. Funds for giving token prizes for encouraging the participating students may be arranged from within the institution]. Marks may be given to top 3 students and these may be consolidated.
  • Nature Study – field visit to eco parks etc. in the vicinity of school twice a year (Necessary fund may be arranged from within the institute) or through contribution by students. Tripura State Council for Science & Technology will strive to have the entrance fees waived/reduced in specific places.
  • Observation of important days (viz. World Wetland Day on Feb 2nd, National Science Day on Feb 28th, World Health Day on April 17th, International Bio-diversity Day on May 22nd, World Environment Day on June 5th, Hiroshima & Nagashaki Day on 6th August &9th August etc.) to disseminate the importance of the said day among the students and acquaint them on the theme of the day of importance (Close contact may be kept with concerned Sub-divisional Science & Technology Committee for any fund support etc.)
  • Essay Competition on the occasion of different important days or on life & works of Scientists (quarterly in a year in two groups viz. Class VI-VIII and Class IX-XII. Close contact may be kept with concerned Sub-divisional Science & Technology Committee for any fund support etc).
  • Publication of Annual Science Wall Magazine and display of information received in Notice Boards exclusively for Science Club activities.
  • A specific period or day may be selected once in a quarter (e.g. every fourth Saturday of every fourth month) for organizing popular science lectures/audio visual shows etc. Tripura State Council for Science & Technology may help in identifying appropriate personnel for the same. Resource Materials in terms of digital and printed matters/ for such audio visual shows will be provided by TSCST for guidance. The school has to take its own initiative of contacting the persons/organizing the audio-visual shows.


  1. To form Science Club at Schools no separate room or building is essential. Concerned papers etc. will be under the custody of the Secretary.
  2. The above proposed activities are main guidelines. Any activities over and above these are recommended.