College Science Forum

Guidelines For Nucleation of Science Forum at Degree Colleges of Tripura


Though the Tripura State Council for Science & Technology has number of activities for school students, the activities for students of Higher and Technical Education is meager, though it is felt that they should also be brought under appropriate activities.
In this context, in consultation with Directorate of Higher Education it has been decided to launch a programme to form “Science Forum” in each of the institutes of Higher and Technical Education in Tripura.

Objectives of the Proposed Science Forum:

  • 1. To provide an appropriate forum to the students of the Institutes of Higher & Technical Education to exchange their views and thought among themselves on Science, Technology and Environmental issues.
  • 2. To provide a forum to the students of Higher & Technical Education to inculcate their inquisitiveness.
  • 3. To provide a forum to the students of Higher and Technical Education to interact with eminent scientists and environmentalists.
  • 4. To provide a forum to the students of Higher & Technical Education so that through which they can gather information on recent developments / trends in research in the different field of Science & Technology.
  • 5. To provide scope to the students of Higher and Technical Education to involve themselves in science & technology related activities.


Organizational Structure:

The organizational structure of Science Forum be as follows-

  • i. President: Principal of the concerned college.
  • ii. Coordinator: One Teacher nominated by Principal preferably having Science background.
  • iii. Secretary: One Student from the concerned college.
  • iv. Joint Secretary: One Student from the concerned college.
  • v. Members: Students from the concerned college.


Proposed Activities:

  • 1. Popular lecture / discussions / debate etc. (monthly once).
  • 2. Observation of important days (National Science Day, Environment Day, Health Day, Earth Day etc.).
  • 3. Preparation of Model / Exhibits for participation in Science Fair.
  • 4. Science Drama Performance
  • 5. Seminar on specific Science & Technology issues.



  • 1. To form Science Forum at college no separate room or building is essential. Related papers may be under custody of Secretary, Science Forum of concerned college.
  • 2. There is a proposal in the Council for organizing Tripura Science Congress. If it is launched, the institutes of Higher & Technical Education shall have to host such annual event, for which Science Forum may play appropriate role.
  • 3. The Science Teachers of the institutes may take up research projects and if possible, it may also be thought of coordinated research projects in certain fields.
  • 4. The above proposed activities are only tentative and guidelines. Concerned Science Forum may think of many other innovative and purposeful programmes.


Annual Calendar for Science Forum:

1.Observation of Important Days: At least 2 important days viz. National Science Day on February 28, 2009, World Environment Day on June 5, 2009 etc.
2.Science Drama: Participation in District Level Science Drama Competition.
3.Science Exhibition:   Preparation of at least 5 exhibits /models by the students and participation in District Level Competition.
4.Audio–Visual Shows: On different topic on Science, Technology & Environment quarterly once (Tripura State Council for Science & Technology has such multimedia presentations, LCD projectors etc.)
5.Meet the Scientist / Popular Talk: On important Science, Technology & Environment topics (convenient time may be fixed for each district so that one invited speaker even from outside the state can deliver talk within 2-3 days stay).
6.Seminar: A seminar on suitable topics inviting research papers may be arranged.


List of Colleges where Science Forum constituted :

  •  1. Amarpur Degree Colleges, Amarpur, South Tripura.
  •  2. Belonia Degree College, South Tripura.
  •  3. M M D College, Sabroom, South Tripura.
  •  4. N S Mahavidyalaya, Udaipur, South Tripura.
  •  5. K N Mahavidyalay, Sonamura.
  •  6. Ramthakur College, Agartala
  •  7. Women’s College, Agartala, West Tripura.
  •  8. M B B College, Agartala, West Tripura.
  •  9. B B M College, Agartala, Wrest Tripura.
  •  10. D D M College, Khoawai, West Tripura.
  •  11. Kamalpur Degree College, Dhalai, Tripura.
  •  12. Ambedkar Degree College, Fatikroy, North Tripura.
  •  13. Dharmanagar Degree College, Dharmanagar, North Tripura.
  •  14. R K Mahavidyalaya, Kailashahar, North Tripura.